Integrations with Ampersand and Lauren Long

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In today's episode, I sit down with Lauren Long. Lauren is the co-founder and CTO of Ampersand, a seed-stage startup company that helps SaaS companies build user-facing integrations into their products. Previously, Lauren served as a Software Engineer at Shortwave, where she was instrumental in developing and deploying key platform features. Before Shortwave, Lauren was the founding Tech Lead of Firebase Extensions at Google, leading the initiative from its inception to launch. Her professional journey also includes a tenure as a Product Manager at Nymi, a groundbreaking company in the field of biometric authentication. Here, she was the company's first Product Manager and worked with a 15-person engineering team in the development of the Nymi Band. Lauren's entrepreneurial journey commenced with co-founding Boxit, an innovative storage solution provider.

In this conversation, we dig into the beginnings of Ampersand, the fundraising experience, the current architecture being built on Google Cloud, and some fun facts about email addresses.

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