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The API Platform to Build Data Applications

Deliver high-performance customer dashboards, data APIs, and usage metering with a unified analytics platform without building additional data infrastructure or hiring more people.

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Trusted by CTOs who get sh*t done

“Analytics was one of the top feature requests that always got punted due to the complexity it involved. With Propel, we were able to ship the analytics we always wanted without having to staff new teams or manage additional infrastructure, all in a couple of weeks.”
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Seth Carney

CTO, Courier

Stop kicking the can down the road

Ship analytics that your users will love

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Power multiple use cases with a unified platform

Fits into your data architecture

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Build in days, not months

So simple, developers love using it


Start with a dashboard idea


Connect Data Sources to Propel


Create Data Pools and define Metrics


Iterate on the data views


Query the GraphQL API and the dashboard updates in milliseconds

Build sweet custom dashboards that your customers love

Don’t take our word for it

You could be building more

Get a product demo to see how Propel helps your product dev team build more with less.

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Propel Is Now Soc 2 Type 2 Compliant

Underlining our commitment to the highest standards in security and compliance
Dave Ganly
June 1, 2023
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